Friday, June 24, 2011

A Full Week of 4-H

My hope for this summer was that we would have nothing to do everyday.  We would sleep in and then spend our days biking, swimming or whatever caught our fancy.  Ha, it has been anything but that. 
This week Monday we spent  most of the morning getting ready for the Favorite Food Show.  I helped Spark bake his bread sticks and make his candle holder for his place setting. 

We discovered, when we started melting the wax down the sides of the bottle, that the candles we got were only colored on the outside and the inside was white.  Why is everything so cheaply made now days?  Makes me crazy.

A good chunk of the afternoon we were at friends house working on the 4-H banner.  Yes, it has pom pom caterpillars on it.

Right after the banner meeting we headed into town to run errands and meet up with Grandma and Grandpa to pick up some things we needed from them. 

Tuesday was spent getting ready for the Food Show and the evening was spent at the judging.

Wednesday morning, bright and early, Dancer needed to be in at the 4-H office for day camp counselor training for the day.  While that didn't involve the rest of us, it did mean two trips into town because it was too long to stay there all day.  There was suppose to be a club trip to a water park on Wednesday night but it was canceled because the temperatures haven't been over 70 for over a week and we have had lots of rain.  Inside I was happy it was cancelled because it made our week less hectic.  Instead Dancer and I worked on her quilt she is making for the fair.  I help her with the lay out and some of the pinning and unpinning.  Neither of us have really quilted before so I hope this turns out decent.

Today was another full day at friends working on the 4-H banner, which is almost done.

Not that we don't love doing all these things, it just isn't the summer I had planned.  The July calendar isn't too full, it actually has 22 free days on it, I doubt it will stay that way though!

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