Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So Thankful We Ran Out Of Fuel Oil

The kids and I got home from town this afternoon and realized that the it was a little chilly in the house.  I ran down to see if the furnace had blown a circuit breaker but they were all fine.  I hit the reset button on the furnace and it would start for about 12 seconds onlt to shut off again.

I quick called the oil company to have Kenny stop by and deliver some fuel oil hoping that an empty fuel tank would be the cause of our woes.  Sure enough, it was empty and as soon as it was filled the furnace started back up.

So why are we thankful that we ran out of fuel oil?  Because this had the hand of God all over it.  First, Dad was able to pick up an extra shift this week and, while it won't pay the whole bill, it will take a good chunk out of it.  Dad hasn't worked an extra shift for the longest time and just last night he picked one up. When we got home the house had only cooled down to 60 degrees so the furnace couldn't have been out for too long.  If we had run out of fuel oil after 5:00, just a few hours after we did, the oil company would have been closed and it would have been a really cold night.  I called the oil company about 3:00 and Kenny was able to finish up the job he was doing and come right over because he didn't have any more stops and still had plenty of fuel oil left on his truck.  He left at 4:40 and at 5:40 the winter storm we have been waiting for started to roar it's ugly head.  A foot of snow is coming our way, there are already large drifts, and it would have been hard to get the truck out here and in the drive way, and at what time would he have been able to get here.   As he was leaving, Kenny said that he was on our corner this morning and felt like he should stop in and see if we needed any oil but he had someone waiting for a delivery so he didn't stop.  I told him next time if he feels like he should stop to stop.  He said he could feel that we were out so he wasn't surprised when he got the call.  Maybe that is why he still had enough for us left on the truck.  Lastly, we are so thankful our tank was an empty and it wasn't a broken furnace that we would have had to pay who knows how much to be fixed and an after hours service call. Yep, God is good! 



Amy Dingmann said...

Now THAT's a good story! Hope you're surviving the snow!!

kariwhite said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story of how your family was blessed!