Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goop - Fun For Ages 3 To 103

I know it is fun for at least ages 3 to 46 because I made a batch of it when Dancer was about 3 and one of us is 46 now and we have all had fun with it.

Spark saw the recipe in a book today and whipped himself up a batch not being able to resist trying anything that's named goop. 

3/4 teaspoon Borax
4 ounces white glue - like Elmer's
1 cup water
tempera paint if you want it colored - when it gets dirty and looks like laundry lint we will wish we had put color in it but for now we left it white.

Put it all in a bowl and start mixing it.  We started with a spoon and then Spark got his hands into it.

When it was pretty solid he poured it out on a plate to mix around.  This part is just as fun as the finished product.

Pull it apart, squish it, smash it, and any other torture you can think of.

Eventually you will have a blob that looks like a big, hard boiled egg.

That will strech out into a beard.

Or you can rip it apart to get all your frustations out.  It really looks like hard boiled egg if you do this.  After a minute or two it morphs back into a blob.

And you can make it into a fried egg.
We have had more fun with this stuff, it is hard to put down.  As soon as one of us does put it down, someone else is right there to pick it up.  The few times I did get to play with it I was asked, "Can I have it now?"


Amy Dingmann said...

Goop is hard to put down! :) Like that you turned it into an egg. ;)

no spring chicken said...

Thanks for the reminder! We've had a lot of fun with 'goop' ourselves in the past but its been way too long since we played... :)

Blessings, Debbie

jugglingpaynes said...

Goop is fun. I like playing with polymers better than non-Newtonian fluids (cornstarch and water) :o)

Peace and Laughter!