Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day Light Savings Time Celebration

Excited that the days are going to be longer into the evening we celebrated by spending the day geocaching.  Geocaching in the winter means that your done by about 4:30 p.m., tonight it was still light out at 7:00 p.m.  Love it!

Our geocache mascot Jason always goes with us.

Beautiful day, the temperature was 65 degrees and most of the snow is gone!  We didn't even wear coats, that felt so liberating after months of heavy coats.

We even ventured under roads in these tunnels.  Spark has his "tool of the trade" glove on in case we needed him to reach into any questionable crevices.  We didn't, but he was prepared.  Warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirt!!!!

Thought we had found our 800th find but we had a 'did not find' in the found list and it was only 799.  Here we are celebrating our 799th find at a Pizza Ranch.  Spark said we would have to celebrate again when we get the 800th.  Not at 40 bucks a pop for one meal.  Maybe we will celebrate number 1000.

Here is what we look like driving down the road.  I had to run really fast backwards to get the picture, not.  Look at all those cat prints, we call them popcorns, on the hood.  I would clean them off but the cats are right back up there redecorating so I don't bother.  Happy Day Light Savings Time!!!!!

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