Friday, March 9, 2012

What's Up?

The last few days we have not really done anything "blog worthy" but I will make a quick list so that we remember this week as we look back. 
  • Dancer was sick and slept for about two days and is still sort of laying low.
  • Our co-op was cancelled on Tuesday because of sick families and other obligations.  Dancer was happy because she would have missed for being sick, Spark was disappointed because he missed seeing his friends so it was a toss up between the two.  I was sort of glad to have a week off.
  • Dancer also missed her church youth group that meets at the same time as AWANA on Wednesday.  She stayed home but Dad and I took Spark and we were asked if we would like to sit in on her class.  They were having a speaker about evolution and all I could say was "wow."  I am too old to have been taught evolution (and why they say the bible is a lie) in school and since we homeschool I haven't paid much attention to it except to edit it, or say that the dates are wrong, in some of our materials.  Kids are really being hit hard with this in schools and I now see why churches are working so hard to fight back against it.
  • Thursday Spark was invited to play at a friends house and he was beyond excited about it.  I am horrible about calling people for the kids to play with, glad other moms aren't.  It's not that I don't want to, it just seems that it is always Friday because our weeks go so fast as it is.  I need to work on that. 
  • Dancer and I went to town when Spark was at his friends.  It took us three hours to go to the library, Walmart and the pharmacy.  That was about 40 minutes of errands and over two hours of driving and traffic.  Now I know where my weeks go.
  • We found a new geocache when we were in town.  When I went to log it I saw that it had been a month since the last time we had been on the caching trail.  Need to work on that too since it gets us outside and hiking around.  The weather has been really nice so it has just been being busy that has kept us inside. 
  • The kids ran out to do chores that night and found that one of the goats had chewed out a board on their pen, stuck her head through the hole into another goats pen and got it stuck.  The other goat took advantage of her being stuck and gave her some good butts to the head.  She was bloody, had a swollen lip and eye, but is okay.  Spent the night deciding if her jaw was broken, Dancer hand fed her some chicken food (they are in 7th heaven when they get into the chicken food so we knew if she was going to eat anything the chicken food would entice her), and going out to check on her multiple times all night.  Also spent a good hour fixing the hole between the two pens. That was a whole night gone.
  • Tonight we went to play based on Pilgrim Progress put on totally by homeschoolers, adults only helped the kids did the rest.  Dancer, Spark and I saw it last fall when they did the play but Dad wasn't able to go because of work so we went again this time so he could see it too.  It was phenomenal.  There was a few hundred people there and they are doing four evening shows and a matinee on Saturday.  There have been over 1100 people to see the first three of the new shows.  If we didn't homeschool, and I saw what those kids were able to do, our kids would be pulled out of school on Monday.
  • We did get a good amount of school work done.   We are reading Swiss Family Robinson and the kids and I are getting a good chuckle out of their supposed survival skills.  If something moves they kill it and if they don't kill it they bring it back to their tree house and have it tamed in less than a day.  So far they have managed to tame a buffalo, monkey, jackal, eagle, ruffled grouse, a penguin and they charmed a swarm of bees.  We can't get the dog to follow directions unless she feels like it.
  • Last, but not least, each cat has snuck in the house no less 20 times.  Once they get in, the dog chases them downstairs (she how trained she isn't) and we have to go down there, find them and throw them back out.  Once the weather turns nice they give this nasty habit up which hopefully will be next week.

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