Saturday, May 4, 2013

Role Reversal

When I needed to make my yearly eye appointment I was on the phone with the lady explaining that I couldn't make an appointment so far out, over a month, because I didn't know my husbands work schedule.  At this clinic you need to have a driver after having your eyes dilated. 

The lady said just get an appointment down so they quit calling you and you can change it when you know a day that will work.  Didn't quite understand how they didn't have any appointments for a month but call and I could get the day I needed?  So I made the appointment and hung up.  That was when Dancer reminded me that she could drive me to the appointment.  That's right!  She is a driver now!

So this week my daughter drove me to my eye appointment.  A bit of a role reversal, I should be the driver to her appointments.  I felt a bit, just a bit, geriatric.

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