Monday, February 16, 2009

Cool forest animal diorama

It's me, Spark. This is a project I made today. It is a craft from Martha Stewart Crafts called Pipe Cleaner Forest Kit. I took a pipe cleaner and wrapped it around a pen to make the bodies. Then I took two short pipe cleaners and bended them to make the legs. I stuck the legs into a hole in between the noodle shaped body. Then I made a circle and twisted another pipe cleaner up just a small bit and wrapped the extra around the neck. Stick the noodle shaped body into the stick and stick the tail in. There will be a little more room and you can just stick it in. The ears are a little pipe cleaner bent in half with the same size of each side. Then stick them in the swirl of the head and then there is a forest animal. I got a box big enough for the background to fit in. I painted blue paint on four parts of the box, three sides and the top for sky. I painted the last part green for the forest floor. After the painted dried, I put glue on the bottom of the trees and stuck it to the green bottom of the box. I put glue on all the feet of the animals and stuck them in the scene. Tomorrow I will write a little bit about each animal to put with the diorama. I made this for 4-H to put in the fair. I will be proud to bring it to the fair and tell the judge about it.

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