Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Garlic Bread Crisps

The economy of today has many people talking about to be more frugal, to stretch that dollar. Many of these tips I find humorous and even bizarre. I recently saw a bit on a national TV morning show telling how you can still get a great price on your trip to Cancun (even though you can't pay the monthly bills and are worried about making the mortgage payment). As an aside, let me mention that people beginning to spend more money may not help our economy as much as the economies of the east coast of Mexico, or mainland China.

Our family eats a lot of soup, and many different kinds of soup. We like to have garlic crisps ("fancy a crisp?") with our soup, and these cost $2.99 a dozen. Today we made some at home. The French bread was $.59 at a large grocery chain's day old rack. We used 1/3 lb. of butter at $2.09 the pound. The project took 40 minutes and made 5 dozen garlic breads.

When Spark saw Dancer slicing the bread he said "Why is she cutting the bread with a chain saw?"

Slicing the bread, using an electric carving knife allows for thinner slices.
Add garlic powder to softened butter and mix well.

Put in oven on "low broil" to brown one side, flip over, butter and brown the second side. These crisps will keep a long time in the cupboard or indefinitely in the freezer.
Store brand garlic crisps $2.99/12, or $.25 each. Home made crsips $1.88/60, or $.03 each.

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Thanks a Latte said...

I've been wanting to make these too, but I can't seem to get the formula down correctly. How thin were your slices? How long do you think you broiled them on each side? I would SO appreciate any feedback!