Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just Thursday

A few things that happened here today.
We had some company stop by. The ducks came charging up to the door and we half expect them to ring the doorbell.
Played with the goats. This how big our baby goat Desdemona has gotten in the last week.
Trekked out to the garden. In some spots the snow is about three feet deep. Not problem if it is hard enough to walk on top but when your foot plunges through the hard crust it is cold in your boot, which hopefully stays on your foot when it is pulled out.
Dug for snow peas. Actually, they are digging a cave in one of the big drifts in the garden.
Found some garden tools that got left out last fall. We have some work to do on those.
Bored the cat. He was following us around and then we must have not been exciting enough for him because he meowed and left.
Sat on the deck and soaked up some sun.
Drew some pictures and savored chocolate ice cream.
Worked the calories from the ice cream off on the treadmill
and the trampoline.

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