Monday, February 23, 2009

One man's trash is my treasure

I got this fabulous group of shells and the two bonus fish from a friend who was getting rid of them. I have quite a few shells that my parents picked up on their honeymoon in the Florida Keys over 50 years ago. A few of those I keep on the bathroom counter as a reminder of my parents so I won't add any of these to that grouping. I am sure though that we will find something to do with them, a craft, a 4-H project, or just set them out - maybe in a plant.
The shells were glued on this board along with the two fish and lavender aquarium gravel. They were glued on there with an obscene amount of hot glue. The Dad was able to take a towel and break them loose quite easily. He needed the towel because although beautiful, they can be quite sharp.Dancer has made it her quest to get the glue off of all the shells. She is using a little screw driver and prying it off. She has only stabbed herself once ........ so far. It is making me nervous but I am trying to take a hands off approach and let her do it.

One thing interesting we noticed about the the ones that look like this is that no matter what size they are, they all have the same number of swirls. They also don't all swirl the same direction but structurally look like a mirror image of each other.

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