Saturday, February 7, 2009

The importance of key chains

If the keys are taken out of the ignition of our truck they don't go back in without a lot of manipulation. Because of this we don't take the keys out but leave them in and just lock the door. Dad goes to work and grabs his keys, the ones with one of these oh so attractive key tags. Those dirty, gray plastic things are the tags they put your keys on when you bring it into the repair shop. The ones most people would take off, throw away and put their keys on a cute key chain when they get the car back. Not frugal Dad, he just uses those plastic tags. But notice how both sets look alike. Dad goes to work and grabs what he thinks are his truck keys but instead he grabs the van keys. He gets in the truck, drives to work, locks the truck with the ignition keys in it and goes into the hospital. I get ready for bed that night and find a set of keys on the bed and wonder what they for because Dad has his with him. Next morning the phone rings and Dad says "send Spark out to open the front door". He had no house keys either, explains the keys I found the night before. Luck was with him though, three people he worked with live out our way so he are was able to get a ride home. But now his truck is at the hospital that is 30 minutes away. So we have to run in there to pick up the truck which equals an extra trip to town, 2 gallons of gas (about $4 dollars). Since we are in town let's go out to eat ($22). Now the fugal, dirty, plastic, unattractive, repair shop key tag cost us $26! You can bet we will be taking those tags off as soon as we get home from having the vehicle fixed from now on!

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