Saturday, October 24, 2009

No idle hands here

The weather was nice enough today that we could get out and get some outside work done. Lately the forecast has been rain and cold so we are way behind on getting things ready for fall. Spark and I cut down the huge tree branch that blew down last month, Dancer got a good portion of the yard mowed, Spark got some of the onions picked and Dad covered the strawberry plants and did the fun job of cleaning out a goat stall. Dad cleaned out the buck stall and whoa did it smell. Male goats do not smell endearing when they are in rut in the fall. We burned all the brush from the tree branch, it was whole pick up load full, in the fire pit and made some apple pies in the pie irons. Sitting around the fire eating warm apple pie made the all the work worthwhile.

The to do list is still long but this next week is suppose to bring more rain. Our gardens are in terrible disarray and the barn needs more cleaning so we need a few more nice days before the snow starts to fly.

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