Friday, February 11, 2011

dyson DC33

I got one, I really got one!  I can not begin to tell you how giddy I am over getting a good vacuum.  Our last vacuum was so horrible I quit using it.  It never worked well from day one.  The kids and I, for the last few months, have been crawling around on the floor with our hand held Dirt Devil vacuuming the worst parts of the floor. 

We have had to wait to get a new one until we could afford it.  Dad cashed in some of his vacation days to get a check so we could buy one.  The check came today and we rushed off to get the vacuum.  As soon as we got home Dad put it together and I started to vacuum.  So far we are up to about three cups of dirt from the living room floor.  Gross, I know. 

Guess what I am going to do tomorrow - vacuum!!

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Just an Average American Mom said...


I have always eyeballed those Dysons wondering if they were really worth the money.

Glad to hear you like it so far.