Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Deeds

I have been just blown over the last 24 hours with the good deeds that have come our way.  The news  on t.v. has been so dismal lately that it is good to see that there is a lot of wonderful people and things going on in the world.

Spark is going to be part of the AWANA Grand Prix this spring.  He got his kit for the car and it was a block of wood and four wheels in a bag.  Never  having done a Grand Prix before we really had no idea how to go about making this car.  Sure we could have come up with something that would roll down the track but we knew no tricks of the trade.  At the church where the kids go to AWANA a man set up a workshop so the kids could work on their cars and he would help them.  We heard that last week no one went to the workshop so this week I brought Spark up in the afternoon to the workshop.  Turns out that Spark was the only one who showed up this week, perhaps everyone else knows what they are doing.  The man at the workshop spent the afternoon helping Spark design, cut out, sand and make his car the right weight for the race.  I am sure he had other things he could have been doing but instead he took his time to help with Spark's car.

When AWANA was over Spark didn't come out of his classroom, in fact, he came out about 15 minutes late.  Spark wanted to finish a couple more discoveries, that is the activities they do in their books, and asked his teacher if he could work on them for just four more minutes so the teacher could sign off on them.  It took Spark longer than four minutes, I don't know how he picked four minutes anyway.  He said to his teacher, "I am sorry this is taking me so long I am sure you want to get home to your wife."  I am sometimes amazed at the way he thinks at 10 years old to come up with that line.  But anyway, the teacher said, "No, it is more important to me that you learn about God than me getting home on time."  Well, that clinched it, now I am totally impressed with his teacher.

Our next good deed was today at the grocery store.  We stopped at the store to pick up tooth paste, we were out and we either had to buy more today or not stand to close to others.  While we were there we stopped at the deli so the kids could pick out sandwiches for lunch.  There were ham salad buns that Dancer was interested in but she doesn't like Miracle Whip only real mayo and so I didn't want to buy them if they had Miracle Whip.  I asked the deli lady and she looked up what they were made with.  That was nice enough, but then she said to Dancer, "Do you want me to make you another kind of sandwich?"  Dancer picked out turkey from the deli case and the lady cheerfully made her sandwiches.

During the time the kids were at the YMCA, Grandma Pat came to visit with me while I waited for the kids.  She brought Nikki a little dog sweater that she crocheted for her

and for us, a pan of lasagna and a cake for supper so I wouldn't have to make anything when I got home.  Do I have a great mother-in-law or what?

We have truly in the last day been blessed by the actions of others.  Now we need to try and find ways to pay it forward.

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Just an Average American Mom said...

Love the story about the teacher!!!
So hard to find people like that these days.

You had a really awesome day!

I am sure you will think of some way to pay it forward;0)