Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fair Judging

Dancer with the aerospace judge.

He liked what she said!

Club planter

Spark's geospatial project.


Pretty proud of Spark with this cat education project, he earned a reserve champion and an honorable mention.  He came up with the idea, did all the research (how to make the toys and how much did the cats like to play with them), made all the cat toys and typed it all with no help except that Dancer suggested he wrap the box in wrapping paper and I think she may have helped him wrap it.  One the requirements of this project is that there is a picture of you and your pet, which of course you can't do yourself, so Dancer took the picture of him and Kacheekers.  I see my job as 4-H mom getting easier every year. 

All in all a successful day, the kids were happy with how they did.  Now Dancer just has to decide which project she will take to the state fair.

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Amy Dingmann said...

Amazing! Great job! Can't wait to come see all those ribbons in person! :)