Monday, July 23, 2012

Fancified Sugar Cookies

We spent the day preparing for the fair, both 4-H and open class.  Projects never seem like much work when you are signing up for them but when it comes to doing them it is another story.  I have gotten smarter though, making one batch of cookies and using the dough for a couple entries so we don't have so many batches of cookies left over. 

These are going under ice box cookies.  In part of the dough I added food coloring and left the other half plain.  Each dough was rolled out between wax paper in a rectangle.  After putting each rectangle in the freezer for a few minutes, I layered them together, rolled them up tight to make a log and then rolled the whole log in colored sugar.  They would be cute for all the different holidays, these for Valentine's, green for St. Pat's day, orange for Halloween, etc.

These pretzel cookies I am putting in under "any other."  Using the sugar cookie dough, roll about 10 inch ropes, roll in colored sugar and twist.  I had a really hard time getting these to work very well, it was so humid that my chilled dough started to sweat and became sticky as soon as I would try to work with it. I had the most trouble with the pink ones, I don't know if there was something different with that color sugar or what.   I got three that looked pretty decent.  Now we will see how they do!

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