Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Lovely Blog

Carolyn over at Krazo Acres bestowed upon us the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thank you so much we are honored that you like our blog.

After accepting the award we are suppose to pass it on to ten other blogs.  I tried to have a little variety in the ones I nominated so these blogs all have to do with one or more of the following: homeschooling, goats, chickens, gardens or I just find them a bright spot in my day when they have a new post. 

We are also suppose to tell seven things about ourselves others might not know.  I think we may have covered everything in the last four years of blogging but here a few random facts about us.

1.  Spark eats Raisin Bran every single day.  Sometimes more than once a day.

2.  Dancer loves to have fancy polish fingernails and looks up new ideas on Pinterest on how to decorate them.

3.  I always have my toenails polished thanks to Dancer.  Often in the summer when I wear flip flops people will comment on my toe color and when I explain that my pedicurist is 15 they smile and understand why I sport the colors I do.

4.  Dad spent many years as a skip tracer before he was a nurse.  He can find just about anybody anywhere in the world. 

5.  Nikki does not eat her food at her bowl.  She takes a piece, brings it in the living room, drops it on the rug, bites it into little pieces and leaves a mess.  Unless she doesn't like the color she got out of the bowl, then she just leaves it there for someone to step on a give a yelp.  Dog food has the same pain level as Legos.

6.  Most of the things we bake and show up on the blog we give to the grandparents.  I just brought three large bags of cookies to them today that we have from baking for the fair.  For each fair entry we only need three cookies, that leaves a lot of extra cookies we don't need to eat.

7.  Spark loves to watch himself dance on those security TVs they have when you walk into stores.

So grab the award, tell us seven things about yourself and pass it on.  Or if you don't put awards on your blog, just smile knowing that we love your blog, nothing bad with happen to you within three days, I promise.   


Unknown said...

Thanks for the award. Very sweet.

Swimtaxi said...

Thank you so much!

We moved across the country last weekend and I finally found a few minutes to check out my favorite blogs since I have been MIA for a while.