Thursday, September 13, 2012

Don't Judge A Bunny By Its Cuteness

Awww, they are cute aren't they, so soft and cuddly.  The one on the left, Willow, lives up to that definition but, the one on the right, Miranda, is a wolf in bunny clothing.
The kids had them out the other day to play with them while I walked the dog.  I brought Nikki over to see them and held her leash short so she couldn't lunge at them and do harm in a blink of an eye.  We didn't want to have a tragedy on our hands.
All excited and friendly like, Nikki, who is about the same size as them, gives their noses a sniff with her nose.  All is going well when all of a sudden Miranda becomes possessed and attacks her like a ninja.  I quickly whisked Nikki away to safety.  Darn attack bunny!

1 comment:

Amy Dingmann said...

Thank goodness you were there to save Nikki. Although a picture of the ninja attack would have been :)