Monday, November 12, 2012

4-H Meeting Around The Campfire

Back in September, when we were still wearing shorts and t-shirts, we started throwing around ideas for what to do at our future 4-H meetings.  An idea came up to have our November meeting outside by a campfire with sleeping bags and flash lights.  "Great idea!" we all said.  So it was all set, the November 12th meeting would be outside.  Well who knew we would wake to snow on the ground this morning and tonight it would be about 20 degrees with a very brisk wind.  In the spring we would think that these temps and conditions were nice but tonight it felt just a wee bit nippy.

This is all we saw on Dancer for almost the entire evening.  She did poke her nose out when she gave her report about the Jr. Leader meeting and did emerge completely from her self made cocoon to quickly play the game at the end.  I have to say though, except for some very cold toes, it was an awesome way to have a meeting.

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April said...

My 4H group does our bonfire in the summer--we work on our end of year projects, have a fire and cookout. But the last 2 years we about melted doing it.