Thursday, November 29, 2012

The 20 Word Story

Dad gave Dancer 20 words that she needed to incorporate into a story.  The words were: flaming, forest, mushroom, kittens, sparkles, drove, oven, flood, noodle, harness, cheap, elf, spiral, shrunken, waffle, bow, load, plastic, garden and swamp.

Here is her story ~

Once upon a time there was a magic forest, and in that magic forest was the land of Boom.  Now the land of Boom is an odd place where they grow such things as, flaming mushrooms, pizza, and edible rocks.  The elves that dwell there are excellent bakers and are widely known for their tasty spiral waffles.  People travel long distances to get these waffles because no one has been able to figure out to make them spiral.
One day a little elf named Cece was working in her swamp garden when she saw an unusual looking bird eating some blueberries off her plants.  She was about to chase it away when it started to talk.  “This blueberry is not very tasty you know,” grumbled the bird, “it is rather sour and shrunken.”  Cece then noticed that the bird had sparkles on all of his feathers.  “Are you a Hodge Podgy bird?” asked Cece, for she had only seen a picture and had never seen one in real life.  “Yes, I am Sir Ruffle Puff,” he announced while taking a deep bow. “I was on my way to order a load of noodles for the palace because we are having a very important party for visiting royalty in five days and, alas, we do not have any,” he complained as he flew over and pecked her on the nose.  “Hey!” Cece exclaimed while holding her hand over her assaulted nose.  “Peck me again and I’ll throw you in the oven for a cheap source of protein in tonight’s dinner!  “You don’t want to eat me; kittens are a much better source of protein,” Sir Ruffle Puff replied.  Cece looked at him and shot back, “Or, I could just harness them to the fence next to my blueberry plants to eat pesky birds that try to eat my blueberries.” 
Sir Ruffle Puff then picked up a bulging, plastic bag full of smooth, shiny, colored rocks.  “Will you drive me to the store since I have wasted so much time here?” Cece thought this through.  “I will drive you to the store but, only if I can have some of those rocks.”  “Alright, I will give you 15 of them.” He retorted grumpily. 
“Okay, I drove you to the store and helped you get the noodles.  I cannot drive you any farther because there was a flood up ahead and I don’t want to get my car stuck in the mud,” Cece said as she opened the door for Sir Ruffle Puff.  “Thank you for your help and I can fly to the palace from here. Here are your rocks; I hope you enjoy them immensely.  They would be most beautiful in your garden by the gate door.” Sir Ruffle Puff called back as he flew away. 
Well, this has been a very interesting day though Cece as she drove home.  I hope they don’t burn the noodles.

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Carolyn said...

That is a GREAT idea! And great story :)