Saturday, November 3, 2012

Soccer Complete

Early in the morning every Saturday since the beginning of September we have been trudging, well I have been trudging because it is Saturday and mornings are so not my thing, into town to play soccer with a boat load of other homeschoolers.  Today was the last day!  Did I put that exclamation point there?  Here they all are warming up, good thing, it was 34 degrees with snow flurries.  Notice this was taken from the warm car.

The leaders lined the kids up for a photo op.  Dad got out to take this picture while I stayed in the car guard it, yeah that's it.  This is just a portion of the kids that come for soccer, the rest their parents were able to talk them into staying home where it is warm.  I suggested that repeatedly this morning but it got shot down. 

A closer look at where Spark and Dancer are in the picture with their friends, the real reason we go to soccer.  I don't even know if my kids like soccer.
Spark's game, he's in the brown.  Some of these boys are highly competitive so they really play hard.

The teenage girl team, well they must play hard too because they had dead to haul off the field.

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