Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmas Picture

Our first Christmas stop of the year was at Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Bob's house.  We brought with camera to take some pictures because whenever we get together we are always wondering if this will be the last time before something happens and they are not able to be living on their own. 
However, with all the goings on in the house we forgot about it until we were walking down the sidewalk on our way out.
Dad got the camera to take the picture, and he did.  There picture taken, let's go.  But the only one who was even in proper posed position was Spark, Grandma wasn't even there yet.

Okay, everybody look - click - there picture taken.  We still didn't have time to get short Grandma in the front but at least you can see our smiling faces.  He did take a few others with us lined up but I think I like this one best.

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