Saturday, December 1, 2012

Double Booked

We have a hard and fast rule at our house:  DO NOT make any plans with out looking at "The Book" first.  "The Book" is our date book and if it isn't written in there we don't show up, know what we are suppose to bring to a meeting or event, or get things done on time right down to when it is time to worm the cats.  I truly keep very little of that information clogging up my brain because it is all there. 
Our last 4-H meeting, however, was outside around the bonfire and I didn't bring The Book with because I wouldn't be able to see it in the dark and besides now that Dad is the Key Leader I know everything that is going on.  One of the agenda items was bell ringing for the Salvation Army.  Dates on the best days to ring were flying around and when a date on a Saturday morning early in December (when I hoped it wouldn't be as cold later in the month or at night) came up I jumped at the date.  That was as far as it went, I didn't write it in the book - gasp! I just broke my own cardinal rule!! 
Fast forward to last week when I got an email from Dad's co-leader saying that the date was set for us to bell ring this Saturday.  Crapola, we are suppose to be bringing Dancer over to help Grandma Pat make crafts and decorate cookies with kids at a Relay for Life event an hour away.
We ended dividing up and Dad driving two extra hours because of my little mix up.  He took Dancer over to his mothers early in the morning, then drove back and met us to bell ring.  The plan was for Spark and I to bell ring and then drive over to meet him but he would have to drive back either way, and since I hate to drive at night, he just did the trip back in the morning. 

Spark and Lauren ringing the bells, they didn't do too bad for a sort of early on Saturday.  Not being morning people I was surprised how many people were out ramming around at that hour on a weekend.

With Grandma :)

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