Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gingerbread Houses - Yeah, About That

There was an insane amount of candy and sugar for the houses.  This was just some of the candy for decorating.

Spark's house is really shaping up and he is working hard on it.

Dancer's house while it was still going well.  After this picture it was all down hill.  No matter what design she tried it just kept collapsing so she gave up and we used the chocolate cheat molds.   
Dancer got some help from a mom who decorates cakes professionally and she got a house that not only stood together but, she was able to add some decorations on it.  Her old house turned into a fence for the back yard.

With the help of a cookie sheet from the church kitchen she got it home in one piece. 

Spark's house was a different story though.  Oddly a lot of the kids at his table took their houses home in a Ziploc bag.  Later, I found out it was because they sort of frosted their houses and then lobbed the candy at the houses to see who could get the most candy to stick to the roof and walls, which then turned into bombing the houses.  Whatever, it is a Christmas memory, not a neat and tidy one but, one I will be able to tell his kids about :)


Amy Dingmann said...

I can see Spark doing that. You know, lobbing candy at his house. Definitely one to tell the grandkids. We've never mastered the art of gingerbread houses here, mostly because we have nowhere to put them that some animal wouldn't snack on them. We did see a kit for a gingerbread farm though...and that was tempting... :)

Swimtaxi said...

I have fond memories of parties like that. Yours looked like fun!