Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow Angel?

What is that?  A miniature snow angel?  On the way out to the barn for morning chores Spark and the Dad were greeted by several of these interesting "snow glyphs".

We were puzzled at first, by these strange designs.  Obviously a bigger bird had landed there but why?  The are hawks and eagles around all winter but there were no rabbit or squirrel tracks by any of these landing spots.  A bird of prey wouldn't waste it's time and energy landing around the yard for fun.  After wondering for a few minutes we remembered throwing some stale dinner rolls out for the goats the previous afternoon.  We were throwing them from the deck and the wind blew some of our tosses wide of the mark.  Looks like some crows noticed our poor aim when they stopped by the next morning.  Whew, mystery solved!!


Carolyn said...

Beautiful snow prints!

April said...

The do look like angels!

Amy Dingmann said...

I thought maybe one of the kids went out and made kissy faces in the snow. The top part looks like eyelashes, then a nose, then a mouth. Does anyone else see that...or just me? ;)