Saturday, December 18, 2010

It worked out perfectly and we got through it

I am not good at last minute and rushing.  That was what the last week has been.  I know some people thrive on hustle and bustle, but it just makes me tense.

We started on Monday by having bowling in the afternoon after a busier than usual weekend.  The kids and I drove into town separate from Dad because he had a meeting at work and we didn't know if we could get from the bowling alley to the hospital in enough time for his meeting.  The kids and I also needed to get to the library to pick up books on hold and to the grocery store before we had to leave for 4-H.  By the time we got home we had just enough time to grab a bowl of cereal for supper and get in the car again.  4-H was at a nursing home where we sang carols for the residents (I really love this part of Christmas so I am not complaining) and then we had our meeting afterward.  Not a big deal but we didn't get home until almost 10:00 p.m. and then we have to go out and do chores.  Yuck to chores in cold weather and the dark.

Tuesday Dad and I went shopping and out to dinner with Grandma.  We went to a resturant that the kids don't like so that part was a huge treat.  What we thought was going to be an afternoon in town turned into the afternoon and evening.   We just couldn't find what we were looking for but by changing a few of the things we wanted to get we did finish shopping for the kids.  We got home late,  watched the end of Biggest Looser, did chores and wrapped a few presents for the kids who were still up and excited to see the gifts being brought out of the bedroom.  I looked at the clock and it was 1:30 a.m!  Time sure goes fast.  We quickly scurried the kids off to bed, who of course never mentioned the time.

Wednesday I started on making 15 dozen cookies I needed for a cookie exchange.  I didn't have enough eggs so a trip to our little town was needed and pushed things back.  Then, in between the baking, I needed to run the kids to AWANA which is a 40 minutes round trip.  Usually I just stay there but by coming home I was able to bake two more dozen cookies and do some much needed Christmas wrapping.  After I got home from getting the kids, I finished up the cookies while Dancer looked at her email.  She had a note from the 4-H office that at the Awards Banquet on Friday girls should wear a dress or skirt.  Great, we had already bought her a new sweater for the banquet and thought we had it all taken care of.  At present time Dancer does not have a dress or a skirt. 

To remedy the skirt/dress problem, we went into town early for YMCA gym to look for an outfit.  I was a little nervous because I haven't seen skirts or dresses in the stores this season.  I did think, lets try the Fashion Bug because I often have luck finding something there when I don't else where.  We went in and they had one rack of skirts and one rack of dresses, see they are not in style this season.  The second outfit she tried on she liked, a blue skirt with a cream top.  Score!  We grabbed a blue necklace to go with it and were out the door.  Two hours at the YMCA and we were off to buy nylons, which are also hard to find, but they did have a teeny tiny display at the first place we stopped.  This may date me, but when I was a working woman nylons were everywhere, you could probably have found then at the gas station.  Remember how they use to come in eggs?  On the way out of the store I remarked to the kids that this was just too easy to find all the parts of this outfit, nothing usually ever works out this well.  Next we were off to find Dad a pair of pants to wear to the banquet as his were all getting pretty ratty looking, not fit for a banquet.  We went to the store where he buy them and they have a whole wall devoted to the brand of jeans he likes, except the cubby hole for his size was empty.  Every other stinking cubby was chalked full of pants.  I went to find someone to see if they might have more that just weren't out on the shelf.  The lady comes over with her little scanning gun and scans the cubby.  Yep, they have four pair that just came in, she will go and look through all the boxes from that order and we should come by the clothes counter in about 15 minutes.  We do a little looking around and 15 minutes later promptly show up at the clothing counter.  No luck, they have not been able to find them but she can call me when the do if I want to come back and get them.  No thanks, Dad will have to go tomorrow and look for a pair somewhere else.  On the way out of the store we were looking around at a few other things and over the loud speaker the say that the lady who wanted the jeans should come back to the clothes counter.  They found them.  Score!   I thanked the woman over and over for finding them and left happy because Dad was working over night and would need to sleep tomorrow, not go looking for pants.  We did miss seeing Dad before he left for work but at least we got everything we needed.

Today Spark had is last day of a Phy. Ed. class he has been going to and they were having a Christmas party.  They are changing the day and the time of the class after the new year to a day that doesn't work for us so it was important to him that he go one last time, especially since it was the Christmas party.  That was from 10 till noon and then we needed to leave right away and zoom home because Grandpa Bob and Grandma Shirley were coming for a little Christmas get together.  They were here for a few hours and then I needed to get Dancer ready for the banquet tonight.   We got hair curled, nails painted, a little makeup on and outfit ironed in time for her, Dad and Spark to get out the door in time to not be to terribly late.  I gathered up my cookies and headed out to the homeschool mom cookie exchange party. 

Finally, we are all home, the cookie party was really fun and Dancer did a great job presenting her part of the awards at the banquet.  Even Dad and Spark got a job when they got there so Spark was pretty stoaked that he got do something.  Whew, I am going to sleep good tonight. 

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