Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's coming to an end

Our Christmas/New Year's break that is.  Spark was sitting at the table this afternoon and said that he loves these days and could get use to them.  I could too but slowly, ever so slowly, we are getting back to reality.  It has been a nice run but today I had to do a couple of loads of laundry and how long can you live in a house with out vacuuming or doing other chores.  The answer is about five days tops and then it starts to take on an eww factor.

Dad and I cleaned our bedroom.  Doesn't sound like a vacation kind of thing but I really don't get around to it during a regular week.  Dad working nights also makes it difficult.  On average he sleeps fives days a week.  On those days I crawl out of the bed in the morning and he crawls in and then we swap again in the evening.  Because of this schedule we can go weeks without opening the curtains.  Not opening your curtains can hide a lot of dust.  We gave the room a good going over today, washed walls, curtains, and closet doors.  We have the most stupid closet doors ever.  They are bi-fold and have those slats in the front instead of being solid.  Those things are  the worse dust catchers and the hardest darn things to clean.  Dad also put up a couple of shelves that I had bought on clearance for just pennies and stained.  I have tons of little knick knacks the kids have given me over the years with no where to put them so they have just been sort of piled on the dresser and the t.v.  Now they are up where I can see and admire them.

We got two science lessons in this morning.  The kids love science and we have a fun curriculum so doesn't seem much like learning.  Dad does most of the science teaching.  He has a BS degree in biology and nursing so I don't try to do to much.  He can just look at the book and explain it where as I would have to do some research and then still wouldn't do as good a job as him.  Actually, I usually listen along in science and learn with the kids.  I never found science interesting in school, but now I think that is because you can't really make science interesting to 25 kids at one time with little to no discussion or hands on things to do.  And if we did get to do something we would be in groups of five or six.  Well, how much fun is it to a sixth of an experiment, and that was if it even had six steps. 

We also spent the whole day waiting for the storm to come and checking the radar over and over.  A winter storm didn't come but the rain did.  We lost a lot of snow but the ground is frozen so there is no where to for the water to go except in to the ditches and every low spot in the yard.  Spark had a basketball practice tonight because otherwise they would go two weeks without practice since the practice on Saturday the week before Christmas it was cancelled because of bad weather.  We assumed it would be cancelled again tonight for bad weather as well, but instead we drove there and back in the rain.  We got back home about 8:00 p.m. and just little bit after that the temps dropped down into the teens and everything got slippery.  If it had snowed today instead of rain we probably would have had about four to five feet of snow.  They say an inch of rain is equal to about ten inches of snow.

To finish off the night we watched Napoleon Dynamite.  We love that movie, it is full of classic lines that we often incorporate into our daily life.  Sometimes I think that we spend so much time together and have so many inside jokes, lines, etc. that someone just coming into our house and watching us would have a hard time figuring us out.  I would guess all homeschool families are like that.  At  least I will tell myself that that so I feel better!

Only three more vacation days and then reality will really slap us in the face.  That is if Dancer's new books get here.  Conveniently, she finished up most of her books before Christmas and I needed to order more.  I kept putting it off thinking I would wait one more pay period and here it was this week already.  I got them ordered on Sunday, 1. so she can start back to school work next week and 2. so we can have the tax deduction for this years taxes.  I am sure she won't be too broken hearted if she has to wait a couple more days.

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