Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where is Santa?

We have seen Santa twice this month, both times took he us by surprise. 

The first time we saw him we were sitting at a stop light.  Dancer looked across the street and there was a car with a big red nose and antlers sticking out of the top of each door.  That's cute we thought.  The light changed, the car crossed the intersection and who should be driving but Santa!  We honked and waved and he waved back at us!  He wasn't wearing his hat and wow, does he have a big head of hair.  He could give Troy Polamalu a run for his money in the hair department.

The second time we saw him was tonight.  We were going through an intersection and on the cross street was a big truck like the electric company uses when they go out to work on lines.  In the bucket stood Santa waving at all the passing cars.  We honked but didn't have time to wave because the traffic was moving along at a good clip.  It was dark out so he probably wouldn't have seen us anyway.

Another thing we saw today was rather disturbing.  We passed a car that had a mounted deer head in the front seat.  It didn't have a red nose so it must have been one of the other reindeer, not Rudolph.  I think those folks will be lucky if they get coal in their stockings.

Our big question tonight was, why is Santa down here when he should be up in the North Pole packing up his sleigh?

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