Saturday, June 11, 2011

Post Office Field Trip

On Friday morning we went on a tour of a post office.  It was very hard to find one that would do a tour because of security reasons.  Homeschoolers are a scary bunch.  We went to a small town office that only had one employee and she eve closed the post office on her lunch hour.  She told us all about how mail goes in and out, distribution centers, and the bar codes on that now come the bottom of letters and how that code sorts the mail down into who the carrier is.  We learned that to be on a stamp you have to be dead for ten years and all the stamp series they produce every year.  We were only able to look in the back of the post office, again because of security.  The kids brought letters with and they bought stamps and got to hand cancel them themselves.  I don't know what Dancer was thinking here, but Spark looks like he is having a good time.  And true to the post office workers word, this morning the letter that Spark sent was in our mailbox.  Yes, he sent a letter to himself.

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Swimtaxi said...

Homeschoolers are indeed a scary bunch. LOL