Monday, June 11, 2012

And She's Off!

Dancer, that is, on her way to camp.   She is all packed, we were just waiting for another boy in our club to arrive at our house who was riding with us.  She will be gone until Friday, five nights/six days,  she has never been away for that long before.  She is fine with it, I am the one already counting down until she gets back home.  The counselors went a day early to clean and get everything ready for the campers to arrive in the morning.

Tomorrow morning Spark leaves for the same camp but, he will only be gone until Wednesday afternoon and he rides a bus so I don't have to make another trip to the camp.  That, too, is long enough and it will be the first time they have both been gone at the same time.  Maybe Dad's mom had them over one night when they were real little but that would have been the only time. 

A friend called me this evening and said, "Aren't you excited your kids are going to be gone?"  No actually, I am not.  Her kids go to school and by the end of the summer she is always ready for them to head back.  I like my kids to be here all the time, they are fun, I enjoy their company, they get my jokes and I think they are really cool people. 

Nikki will also be missing Dancer something terrible by the end of the week.  She is going to have to the dreaded kennel.  Dancer sleeps with her but I just can't.  She has to lay right by me and then she pushes, pushes, pushes herself into me and then she is up and down and twirling and doing all sorts of acrobats all night.  Once the sun is up she comes up on my pillow and looks at me.  I can't sleep when someone is standing on my pillow looking at me.  I can feel her eyes, it's creepy.

On an unrelated note, we had hay delivered this morning.  The people we buy from also deliver it and stack it for us.  Nice, nice, nice.  They are young and use to throwing hay bales, lets just say we are not and it take us a long time to do what they do in what seems a matter of minutes.   A lot of farmers  don't deliver but, the people we buy from live but a few miles from us so they just bring straight from the field in the hay wagon.  The whole yard smells so good like sweet, fresh cut hay.  Some company should make a candle scented like hay.  The goats go crazy the first few days we have new hay in the yard, it is probably equivalent to us being in a bakery. 

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jugglingpaynes said...

I know how you feel about your kids being away. I'm going crazy with my son away! I am so happy he had this opportunity, and I know it is only ten days, but it is so noticeable that he isn't here. And then I start wondering how long before my kids actually do strike out on their own. *sigh* I can't imagine not having them around. They get my jokes too. :o)