Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Longest Day Challenge

Every year Dad and Spark do the "Longest Day Challenge."  They get up before sunrise and then, as usual, are up at sunset so they can say they see the whole day.  Normally they would have done this on the longest day of the year but, Dad worked so they chose Sunday.  It took two days to get the pictures to load so that is why it didn't make the blog until Tuesday.  This year Dancer joined them because they were going fishing, and she doesn't want to miss out on a chance to fish. 

Sun rise 4:51 a.m.

They were up too early for the bait shop so they went to breakfast first. 

They had a couple fish tales but didn't bring any fish home. 

There was no time for a nap when they got home because we had to leave for our summer 4-H party.  Three hours of go-karts......

water slides......

friends and......

bumper boats.

On the way home we saw a sign for bunnies and stopped to get a couple.  Our girl rabbit will not accept a male.  She has two to choose from and I guess she doesn't like either one.  We tried singing Lionel Richie songs, several opportunities with both boys, and even resorted to holding her for them but she is an ice cube.  So we got these two cuties who came with pedigrees.  We have never had an animal with papers before so we are feeling pretty hotsie totsie now.

Dancer named hers Miranda. 

Spark chose Willow.

Willow must have felt she got dirty on the car ride home and needed a bath.

Sandal surfing.

Supper on the fire pit. This is what we do when I don't feel very creative with diner, or just plain don't feel like cooking.  We make these parcels by double wrapping (prevents most burning) in aluminum foil veggies and fruit.  I just butter the foil and add a couple pats more butter and then either throw in some salt and pepper or cinnamon and sugar.  We have done everything from pears to broccoli and they all turn out fantastic.  Brats on the skewer and dinner is done with almost no clean up.   

Sunset was at almost 10:00 p.m.

We finished out the day by stopping for ice cream on the way home. 


Amy Dingmann said...

Awesome day! Those bunnies sure are cute! I'm sorry to hear that Lionel Richie didn't work out...did you try lighting candles? Maybe fancy sheets? Poor guys.

Carolyn said...

Wow, what a great idea - Longest Day! I think I'm going to have to start a family tradition of our own using that, thanks for the idea :)

Cute buns, but the way! Uhm, the rabbits, not your, uhm, well. Yeah, the rabbits.

jugglingpaynes said...

What a wonderful tradition. I love the photos!

Peace and Laughter!