Thursday, October 4, 2012

Her Nose Knows

Spark raked up a pile of leaves and thought it would be fun to play with Nikki in them.  Nikki didn't think so, in fact, she was scared of them.
We decided to reason with her stomach, because that is who you talk to when you want Nikki to do something.  We had a few tidbits of steak left over that Spark hid in the leaves for her to sniff out.
It took but one snack in the leaves for her to figure out that she was mistaken about not liking the leaves.   I was walking her around the yard and every time we would get to the corner of the shed she would take off to see if there was a new snack to be found.

The best picture we could get with a dog that was sure there was one more snack in the pile.

Kacheekers stopped by to say he wasn't going to dig in the leaves for a snack, cats are above that sort of thing but, if we wanted to just give him a piece that would be fine.

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