Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mall Of America Sea Life Field Trip

After the state capitol tour we headed over to the Mall Of America, we weren't very far in the door when Dancer spied cut outs of Justin Beiber and then the guys from One Direction.  Excitement!  I can't imagine what she would do if she really saw them.
Sea Life hosted homeschool week where homeschoolers could come for a fraction of the usual cost and see their exhibit.  Spark touching a sea urchin or some such thing.  These were weird in that if you ran your finger over the top of them you could feel nothing, it just felt like all the other water in the tank.   

Walking through the tunnel there were sharks etc. swimming all around us.

The most entertaining were these turtles.  Two of them would swim up to each other, pause for a few moments and then swim to other turtles and do the same.  Dancer thought they were speed dating.  The first thing I thought of was, "How do you know what speed dating is?"

Ended the day with a trip to Lego Land - Spark's idea of heaven.


Pamela said...

Laughed right out loud at the speed dating comment. Looks like it was a happy time. Don't tell anyone but I think Lego World is close to heaven, too.

Swimtaxi said...

My daughter is ga-ga crazy about One Direction. LOL

She also liked the hoop rug.