Sunday, October 14, 2012

How To Tell If Your Goat Is In Estruss Or Heat

Is she sticking her head in the barn gate to get six inches closer to your buck, all the while twitching her tail like she is flagging down a cab?

Is she rolling around in the dirt moaning like a shameless hussy embarrassing females of all species with her utter lack of humility?

Is she urinating all over the barnyard with a Mae West, "Why don't you come up sometime 'n see me?" look about her?

Is she baaing relentlessly so loud that you are thinking of putting in ear plugs and hiding the basement with a pillow over your head just to have a few minutes of reprieve?

If you answered yes to any or, in our case, all of the above your goat is in heat.


Carolyn said...

I have one doe that just SCREAMS when she is in heat. Upside to that is that I have no question as to when it's time to have her bred.

Unknown said...

Very funny. Also very helpful. We hope to get a couple of goats next year.

Debbie Fisher said...

Udder or utter lack of humility? haha

Debbie Fisher said...

Utter or udder lack of humility? haha