Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't Talk and Drive

This is Dad, my story driving home from work today. 

I had a few stops I needed to make on the way back from work today so I was taking a different route home.  After my last stop, I headed for home on a county road that has pretty busy traffic as it goes between a few of the bigger towns in our area.  When I turned onto the road there was a maroon Chrysler Pacifica really close behind me.  I mean she was really close--not only couldn't I see the bumper I couldn't see the hood of the vehicle, just the windshield!!!  I don't know how close she was, maybe 5 or 10 feet.   I went a mile or two and started to slow way down.

This is my normal habit when someone is super close behind me, especially if it is raining or snowing or really foggy.  I figure, "Hey, if you want to drive that fast pass me and have at it."  It is amazing how slow one needs to go before being passed, even more so if the weather is bad.

Anyways, I slowed way down, and the car is still behind me, super close.  I mean, I can see the lady's face,  count her teeth and tell if she brushed them yet today.  She was having some animated conversation on her cell phone, and this isn't some young, blonde, new driver.  She is probably in her mid to late to late fifties and brunette. 

I slowed to 15 or 20 miles an hour and still she is right behind me!  So I stopped.  And the lady behind me stopped behind my car.  I waited a minute and she just stayed right there.  I wondered why she didn't just pull out and drive around me.  I pondered this question and thought, "maybe my truck is on fire and she is calling 911" or "do have a dog tied to my bumper? (like on family vacation).

I put my truck in gear, as I was on a hill, turned off the motor and started getting out.  The person behind me whipped down her cell phone,  zoomed around my truck and flew down the road.  She was so close she had to back up to pull around me!!! 

I honestly think she must have been so engrossed in her conversation that she thought she had stopped behind some one at a stop sign or stop light.

This is why I worry about Dancer driving.  People, please pay attention to what the hell you are doing.  A one or two ton vehicle is at least as dangerous as a gun in the hands of an idiot, and if you can't "find your tail with both paws" don't try to drive and talk on the phone.     


jugglingpaynes said...

I feel your worry, and my daughter is already a fearful new driver. Not good when you live in the NY metro area. I only pray she gets the hang of her defensive driving skills before she starts going solo. (She got her license in December and still doesn't feel ready for that step.) Hopefully our good example on the road will help our kids. :o)

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Dancer has her license too and she has yet to drive alone. I am really glad she has it and we have jumped that hurdle but, even though we are paying insurance now I am not going to push her to go out on her own. Knowing that she can is enough.

Amy Dingmann said...

But Dad, you didn't mention the blue smoke coming from the front of your truck cab when you saw the lady gabbin' away on her phone. ;) People with phones are scary when they drive. I don't think phones and cars mix. At all. :)

Tami said...

I do the same thing that you did, slow way down, and if I can I pull off the road to let them go by.

It's scary out there to be sure! I hate driving anymore.