Monday, February 11, 2013

Sewn Kitty Earbud Pouch

This is so cute!  The well written step by step directions and pattern can be found at dog under my desk.  Isn't that a great blog name?  Dancer picked this kitty fabric -
to hold her new One Direction earbuds she got from Spark for her birthday.  Wouldn't want anything to happen to them so that is why they needed a pouch. 
This is the back. 
I have enough fabric to open a small fabric store but, if you don't, two fat quarters, or one if you use the same fabric for the outside as the inside, would make several of these.  We cut this out of a two yard piece and I would still consider it a two yard piece as whatever, if ever, I make something else out of it I should be able to adjust the pattern pieces to have enough fabric.  Dancer also wanted the cats centered on her pouch so we used more fabric than if it were just a print. Also needed it a tiny bit of quilt batting but if you don't have any on hand so fleece would work just as well.  The only thing we had to buy was the zipper and if my sewing stuff wasn't such a mess I probably have one somewhere.

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