Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Break

Those of us who live in the north really don't need a spring break, we need a winter break.  Yesterday this was the weather we had, white.  White everywhere you looked.  White, cold fog on top of white, cold snow.  Not the kind of weather that promote good moods when it lingers on for months. 

To combat what seems like an endless winter, our co-op headed to a motel, rented a party room and the pool and spent the day swimming,

sitting in the hot tub,

and for those who feel to old to frolic or hot tub with the younger kids but don't have wifi at home, hours and hours of computer, iPod and Kindle use.  I really don't blame those teenage girls, the moms didn't go in either because the action in the pool what just too crazy.  I think there was about a third less water in the pool when we left than when we got there.

It was so hazy yesterday that as the sun set we were able to look right at it. 

Beautiful but, come on spring, you can do it!

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