Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Saga Called Winter Continues

It sure feels like we live in Iceland so I will equate this to a saga, a never ending one at that.  Spark snapped all these pictures of our grand willow tree this morning before we left for our Tuesday homeschool co-op.

The hoarfrost was thick, thick, thick.
This picture shows how it was only on one side of all the other sides of the trees and bushes.  The cleared cement on the driveway could have kept it warm enough to form only on the left side of the arborvitaes though.  As we drove to town, there was an odd pattern of hoarfrost on one clump of trees and then not on the next. 
In all it's splendor.  I love that tree in every season.

We thought everything was so white yesterday but, it didn't even hold a candle to today's fog.  That too was sporadic but we only took a picture on this road because the rest of the way to town is 55 mph and so I couldn't really pull over for Dancer to take any pictures.  It was good we knew our way or we would have miss all the turns because the visibility wasn't more that a few hundred feet most several places.  It is warming up outside but, this thick haze makes it difficut for the sun to get to melt much snow. 

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