Sunday, April 21, 2013

First The Root Grows Down

We are getting desperate to grow something, anything.  With the weather not cooperating we put some seeds in plastic bags with wet paper towels and hung them in the window.  I did plant some tomato seeds but those darn cats thought they looked tasty and once the second leaves came out they ate them.  Those cats are getting less popular everyday.
So far we have had a pumpkin seed sprout, a couple of peas and a sunflower.  I am wondering if we aren't getting good germination because the window is either freezing cold from the temps outside or really hot from the two days that the sun actually made a showing.
One thing that I find amazing about seeds is that no matter how you plant them, the root always grows down first, they will even turn themselves around, and then the plant then grows up.  Amazing, just amazing that every seed knows to do this.
Looking at these seeds with their little roots has put a song running in an endless loop in my head that we use to sing when the kids were little sprouts themselves.
♪ ♫ Of all you learn here, remember this the best.
Don't hurt each other and clean up your mess.
Take a nap every day, wash before you eat,
Hold hands, stick together
Look before you cross the street.
Remember the seed in the little paper cup,
First the root grows down and then the plant grows up!  ♪ ♫

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