Thursday, April 25, 2013

That's Not Funny

Spark reaches in the peanut container, pulls out a handful and pops them in his mouth.
"Oh, dear me, I believe I may have had a tooth break" he says.  (Actually he said something else, but I want to remember him at this age being really well mannered and not repeating the less than Christian things his mother has been known to have come out of her mouth in some exasperating situations.)     
He reaches up in his mouth and holds out his tooth he just had break explaining that maybe there was a rock in the peanuts.  While my eyes grow big and I am just about to say "Oh, dear me,"  he tells me he is just kidding and it was a tooth that fell out about a half an hour before.

It's not nice to scare your mother like that. 

1 comment:

Amy Dingmann said...

Ok, first my jaw hit the floor. Second...I laughed. (Good job, Spark.) This just proves you need some mom time away!