Saturday, April 13, 2013

Make Your Own Homemade Seed Tapes

With snow in the forecast for the next seven days we are still hopeful that there will be a spring, even a summer, and we will be able to plant a garden.  There will be a need for seeds!

We plant our garden with a planter, a must have when we were selling at farmers' markets.   If we didn't, these seed tapes would be the way to go, make them in winter, save your back planting them in the spring.  We are making these for an activity to teach kids in our homeschool co-op about plants and gardening. 

Lay out a strip of toilet paper and place a seed about every two inches. 
Mix up a batch of very runny paper mache (flour and water) and put a teeny, tiny drop on each seed.  This is to keep the seed in the proper place.

Fold the paper over and press down on every seed.  It takes just a few minutes for that little drop to dry and then the paper is stuck together.  Roll up the tape and it is ready for planting.
If you are working with really little seeds you may need a few couple loupes to see them.

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