Saturday, April 27, 2013

Introducing Solomon

Solomon, or Solo-mon because he isn't a twin, was born Wednesday evening after we spent hours in the barn awaiting his arrival.  We were out there so long we saw a chicken lay an egg, our first time to ever see that miracle.  Three chicken layed eggs while were out there so we told Lola, the first time mom to be, that everyone else was giving birth, why was she taking so long.
She had a little boy who was ready to stand up right away and was interested in where his first meal was going to come from. 
While the days have turned more spring like, the nights are still cold so in the house he came.  Skips dubbed himself the "kid"sitter and kept a close eye on him.
The first day he had one floppy ear, that happens if it is bent down in utero.  Usually they pop back up after a few days, as his did, but if not a cardboard brace can be made for it to get it back in proper position.
His cute little portrait.  It is hard to believe looking at him now that he will be a big, stinky, buck.  Actually, he won't be stinky because he is going to fair this year as a 4-H project and they don't like stinky bucks at the fair.
He has been sleeping in the bathtub but, last night he jumped out so tonight I think it will be out to the barn for him.

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Amy Dingmann said...

Love it! Such a cutie. It is hard to believe that something so cute COULD grow up into a stinky buck...but then I suppose that's true of ANY baby. (Not that every baby turns into a stinky buck...but you know what I mean...)