Sunday, January 22, 2012

4-H Jr. Leaders' Dance

Last night we travel out in the howling winds and cold to go to the 4-H Jr. Leaders' dance.  I was a  chaperon which was really fun.  Someone said to me good luck with chaperoning the dance but I wasn't worried, all the teens in the Jr. Leader program are great kids and, just as I suspected, there wasn't an ounce of trouble.

Dancer and her good friend, they do a lot together in and out of 4-H.  There were four kids that went from our club.

Part way through the night they took down some of the decorations and started playing what we call "bop it balloon."  This was the only other picture I got of the front of Dancer.  I took lots of pictures for the county scrapbook but in every single other one that Dancer was in I got her back.
The dance was for 7th grade and up and since Spark doesn't fit that criteria he and Dad went to the nearest town.  They enjoyed supper at Pizza Hut, of which they were able to save one slice and a couple cheese sticks for Dancer and I.  I guess the smell was just too strong in the car for Spark to resist the other piece of pizza on the way to pick us up.  They also went to Walmart and check out all the things that Spark is interested in that we never, in his opinion, take enough time to peruse (i.e. Legos, Star Wars and the fish).

The next day we talked to grandma and she asked what Dancer wore to the dance.  We told her sweatpants, nice ones, and a sweatshirt.  She was surprised until we reminded her these are farm kids and none of them wear fancy duds.

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MamaTea said...

"Sweatpants...nice ones...and a sweatshirt."

You are my kind of folks!