Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Which One Is Yours?

Dad and I had dentist appointments this afternoon where each got a new toothbrush.  I got an aqua one which I was pretty excited about because I have had a dull gray one.  Dad was given the gray one. 

I took the toothbrushes out of the bag and brought them into the bathroom.  I took my gray one out of the holder and replaced it with the aqua one. 

Then I opened Dad's toothbrush and was going to replace his in the holder.  Not sure which brush was his I yell to him, thinking we were both on the same page, "What color is your toothbrush?"

"The gray one," he yells in from the bedroom.

"What! Yours is the gray one?"

"Well, Dancer called it charcoal but I think it is gray."

Feeling my stomach do a little flip I yell back, "But I am the gray one, have you really been using the gray toothbrush?"

By now he is in the bathroom grabbing his old toothbrush out of the holder and says, "No, my new one is gray, I'm green, see how worn it is."  Whew!

Then he takes my old gray toothbrush and starts scrubbing the edge rim of the sink and faucet with it.  He looks at me staring at him in disbelief and says, "Is it okay if I clean the sink with it before it gets thrown away?"

"Well it is now," I tell the man who I don't think has ever cleaned the sink. 

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