Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Independent Star Wars Film

Spark has been busy working on making stop action films where he sets up his Star Wars Lego people, and some other pieces, and slowly plays out a story and takes pictures.  Then he puts all the pictures together into a film and has the picture change every half second so they look like they are moving.  He also sets the scene to music, otherwise it is a silent film.  The movement is the same principal as a cartoon.  It takes even a few hundred pictures just to make a couple minute movie.  He is pretty much a one man operation unless he can get Dancer or I to help him move the pieces around, which we do when there is a lot of movement in each picture or if someone needs to be airborne.

Set Director

Producer and writer

Happy Cameraman

A few scenes from the movie

If you know the Stars Wars movie this should look familiar.

Jonathan (an extra in the Star Wars film) slaying a bounty hunter.

A bomb squad trooper riding down on the ceiling to defeat Jonathan and Harry (another extra).

Fighting the Sith and Sith Padawan - lots of fighting these movies, guess that is a boy thing.

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jugglingpaynes said...

Fun! I wonder if all boys go through a stop-motion phase? My son is still in his. I have a second cousin who started with a stop motion feature using his LEGOs and his brother's toys who now films and directs indie films. You never know where your LEGOs and camera will lead you!

Peace and Laughter!