Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Poor Kitties

Tonight we had our first sub zero temperatures of the winter.  Both of our cats are outside cates but Vidallia, our old lady cat, was on the deck just crying and crying to get in.   She sounded so pathetic that I let her in for the evening.  She will have to go out tonight because she has no indoor manners, meaning scratches the furniture and  jumps on the counters to see if we may have left a snack out.  Cats on the coutner just gross me out so she can't be in overnight.  After she had been in for an hour she started venturing out to see what was going on, must have thought she was safely in the house or we would have thrown her back out already.

Kacheekers, who snuck in when we opened the door, wasn't as trusting of his good fortune, the closest he came to us was to hang out on the basement stairs.   Smart kittie because all good things have to come to an end.

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April said...

I love cats, but don't want them on my counters either. I have a friend who shares her plate with a uses the same mouth it eats mice with and bathes with. YUCK!