Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nothing But Blue Skies Do I See

After more than a week of really cold weather we had a beautiful, beautiful day today.  The warm temps produced perfect snowball/snowman snow so when Spark wanted to go out and play in the snow I couldn't say no. After I went in Dancer got the camera and took these pictures.

The huge snowballs we rolled.  We wanted to get them bigger but by the time we made them I was out of steam, maybe tomorrow we can add to them.

Looks like summer clouds.

I love this willow tree that is out by the road.  The power company hates it and always wants to cut it down or give it a major trim.  Every time they come by with their chain saws we go out their with the measuring tape and tell them to stay within the 10 feet of the power line or whatever the distance is.  They send us a post card with the law on it before they come so we know that they know how much they can cut.  A funny thing about them wanting to cut this tree is that the other year when we had bad storms a tree that was probably about 50 feet from the line, which they pay no attention too, toppled and took out a line.  This tree trimming is something they started about five years ago and it is very unpopular throughout the county.

The gate that keeps nothing in.  When we moved here there was a large part of our property that had electric fence around it.  Since electric fence won't keep in goats, they will do the limbo if necessary to get out of a fence, we haven't keep it up or the grass from growing up to it.  This part we have taken down for various reasons over the  years and now just the gate remains.

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jugglingpaynes said...

We've dealt with the same ridiculous policies here. Many trees in the area have a bite taken out of them or they have been topped, in spite of the power company's insistence that it is not their policy to top trees.

Thank you for protecting that willow!

Peace and Laughter,