Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Christmas

With Dad working Christmas weekend, Grandma and Grandpa not having their furniture delivered from Arkansas until the 28th, their furnace going out, and Grandma Pat being sick with a cold, we put off Christmas with them until New Year's Day.  With the snow that came on New Year's Eve making the roads slick and the high winds blowing it all over, we wondered the night before if we would make it on New Years.  By 11:30 when left for their house things had turned around but Dad did have to work at some spots on the freeway to keep the car on the road.  There were tons of semis swaying back and forth which made the trek seems even more perilous.  But over the river (we actually do go over the Mississippi) and through the woods (there are some trees on the sides of the road so we will count those) to Grandmother's house we went.

Dad brought with his excellent pizza dough and toppings to make pizza.  He assembled them when we got there and put the first one in to bake.  It was killing Spark to wait for the present opening to begin.  He would have been happy to take off his coat and get right to business.  We opened gifts when the first pizza was in the oven.

Grandpa Jerry opening the topographical coaster tiles.  We took it as a compliment when he asked us where we had them made.  He figured out the theme of them right away.

The rest of the pictures show how we manage to take thousand of pictures every year.  The goal was for Dancer take a picture of  Dad and Spark enjoying the homemade pizza.  Spark looks good but Dad still has his mouth full.

Dad is done chewing and has an awesome smile - I love this picture of him - but Spark has tired of waiting and took a drink of root beer and I think Dad might have been laughing at a conversation that started in middle of the picture taking.

Spark looks good, Dad, not sure what that deer in head light look is.

By now Spark has stopped eating twice and is back to enjoying his pizza and really isn't interested in the picture anymore.  Dad is now focused and looking at the camera.  Almost every shot we put on the blog has at least four or five pictures that get a veto for these very reasons.  When we down loaded the pictures we realized that we only had pictures of the guys, none of Dancer, Grandma or me. 

Dad and Grandpa watched the end of the Vikings game, Dancer, Grandma and I played couple games of Sequence and Spark played a kazoo ad nausium Grandma had given him. 

This marks the end of our Christmas celebrations so -- on to next year!

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