Monday, January 23, 2012

A Gold Crown

I got a gold crown put on a my tooth today.  The worst thing about the whole experience was wearing the temporary crown for two weeks, I had nothing but trouble with it.  Anyway there are three reasons I got a gold crown instead of a porcelain one.

#3 - Gold is antimicrobial.
#2 - Dad said to get a gold one.  Now when my husband wants to buy me something gold I'm smart enough to jump at the chance, even if it is where no one can see it, I know it's there.  Who knows when it something gold will come my way again.  Truth be told I would rather have new windows or something else more useful than gold jewelry.
#1 - When I was looking at the pamphlet they sent home with me I said that they make crowns out of porcelain so they look like your teeth and Spark says, "You mean like a toilet?"  That pretty much sealed the deal right there.


My Kid's Mom said...

I've had 2 temporary teeth for the past couple of weeks - get the crowns put on tomorrow but they will be white - since they are my front teeth. I haven't had any real problems with the temps except that I haven't been able to bite anything - was too afraid they'd come off.

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Yes, front ones would need white or you would look like a rapper! That at least would not be the look I am going for. lol I got a back one done. My temporary one broke and then I had nerve trouble with face numbness. My dentist said it is very unusual for one to break but mine sure did so then she filed down the tooth she thought had caused the original tooth to crack. I was sure happy to get the permanent one on yesterday and so far it has been feeling like it settle in and will be alright. Good luck to you tomorrow - I will be thinking of you.