Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Made Some New Friends Today

We started out the morning with a feeble attempt at getting back into school.  Let's just say we will try again tomorrow.  Dancer was going to play ultimate Frisbee at 12:30 so it seemed futile to pull out more than grammar and math. 

The local university is on break so they let the kids play Frisbee in the palaestra.  Spark and I dropped Dancer off and headed into town to run a couple of quick, quick being the pivotal word here, errands.  We were quick to stop at the library and pick up a movie that was on hold.  Quick to look around the Goodwill where I found two serving bowls to match our dishes, we are down to one unbroken bowl so this was the highlight of the trip. 

Next stop the post office to mail one letter that I needed metered for the amount of postage.  This is where we run out of quick.  Spark waits in the car because I am just going to be a minute.  I left the keys with him for some reason I don't know why, normally I would just lock the door and bring the keys with.  I get to the front door of the post office and there is the line.  After 30 minutes Spark, who was tired of his playing with whatever he had brought with, and the husband of the lady in front of me who thought his wife may have slipped out the back, came in to see what was going on.  I was wondering how Spark was doing out there and glad he had the keys so he could lock the car and come in.  By the time he joined us everyone standing in the middle of line had become good friends and were thinking about what songs we could sing to pass the time and if we ordered pizza would they deliver it to us at the post office.   The problem?  Not only was the counter lady slow, there was a customer that came in with bags of stuff, asked for boxes and packed them at the counter.  The counter lady seemed to know her and didn't offer the suggestion that maybe she could take her stuff to a side table, pack it and get back in line.  No, she waited for her to pack each one and then weight it, etc.  That was 20 minutes of our wait.  Another lady came back from lunch and said she was still on break but would help to get the lines going.  People we yelling out how great she was and how much we all appreciated her, etc.  She had that line moving in no time and helped way more people ten minutes than the other woman help in the first 30 I was there.  The cheering probably helped.  By the time we left the lady packing her boxes was still there.  Anyway, we made a few new friends while waiting and yelled good bye to each as they left.  I was glad when it was my turn to leave and wave good bye.  There were still people lined up as far as the door, I wonder if they were having a good a time as we did in the middle of the line?  Give them another 20 minutes of waiting and they probably did.

Spark and I made a quick grocery stop and still got back to pick up Dancer with enough time left over to sit and chat with other moms for a while.

Dancer tried another recipe tonight, chocolate chip cookies.  Saddly, they are not blog worthy.  Of course we will have no trouble eating  them anyway.  My advice would be to stick to the recipe on the Toll House bag.   

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